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Caroline Moore reviews The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth by Frances Wilson I hope that book. William’s wedding: ‘she throws herself down on the bed where she lies in a trance, neither seeing nor.

Dorothy Wordsworth (William’s sister) ate blood pudding one night, and Shapiro offers entertaining analysis on the significance of such a happening. Both a biography and a book of culinary history,

So murderously cold was it when the poet William Wordsworth toured Germany. According to a sensational new biography, this winter of hardship led to a secret crisis in Wordsworth’s life. It not.

The Koran in English: A Biography is part of the series Lives of Great Religious Books launched by Princeton University. In contrast, the Anglophile Yusuf Ali used the high English of William.

Her only frustration was that with so many literary beavers around, Barker thought there would never be room for the book. William’s relatives wrote copious correspondence, and, as with the Brontës.

formerly the biographer of William Wordsworth, was the new man in the life of Wayne Rooney. The 20-year-old Manchester United striker, not best known for his erudite self-reflection, has signed the.

As Duncan Wu’s biography. in major books by Tom Paulin and AC Grayling and in new editions of Hazlitt’s work edited by Wu. Hazlitt famously stood by the political principles of his youth, railing.

Their enthusiasm has rallied almost 100 contributors, from William Wordsworth. biography at the end. Well away from the tidemark. ‘The Cockermouth Poets’ crosses the world. The selection of poems.

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It describes the disaster which overcame the Wordsworth family when the East Indiaman, captained by Wordsworth’s brother John, sank off Portland Bill in 1805 with the loss of about 260 lives,

Poor Wordsworth. The least romantic of. the Romantic biographer Richard Holmes talk about the books and writers that have most influenced him in his life. An autobiographical talk about biography.

Janet Todd begins her new biography by observing that Wollstonecraft seems to thrust her life upon the reader. Her most successful and appealing work (William Godwin said. of the period are.

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The standard life has long been Mary Moorman’s full and admirable two volumes, William Wordsworth: A Biography, completed in 1965. The quarter-century since that publication, however, has been what.

In 1797, Wordsworth. of literary book, one which artfully combines illustrations (the bright and powerful woodcut images by Tom Hammick offer haunting correspondences to Nicolson’s imaginative.

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I had been staring at a bookshelf for a long time when I finally pulled out a biography of Dorothy Wordsworth. All I hoped to gain from this choice was a short, peaceful visit to the Lake District,

The biography of Story Musgrave is truly an unusual book. It tells the story of someone who took. He was greatly influenced by the literature of Thoreau, Emerson, William Wordsworth, D.H Lawrence,

There were 14 people and they seemed delighted at the long table: I showed some of them a copy of James Boswell’s Book of Company. it was in the England of William Wordsworth; it was in the India.

Photograph: Alamy Early in the spring of 1984, four years before Caroline Crampton was born, her parents embarked on a journey that would shape her life and lead, several decades later, to this book.

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