WordPress Remove Post Date And Author Plugin

From here, you can click edit, to edit posts, adding more content, or you can click the trash icon to delete them. One drawback that I can see with the WordPress.com Calypso app is that you can’t.

WordPress comes. related_pages = get_post_meta($post->ID,’related_pages’,true); //collect all pages on the website $page_args = array( ‘posts_per_page’ => -1, ‘post_type’ => ‘page’, ‘post_status’.

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Because WordPress is open source, there are plenty of plugins you can use to help make your website more search engine friendly and web marketing ready. While I don’t want to focus too much on.

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While WordPress.com is a fully-hosted web platform, experts opt for the WordPress.org version — it’s self-hosted, and offers more control over your website, design and has more advanced integrated.

Pictureshark – A hard to remove transluscent watermark. Digital Fingerprint Plugin – Maxpower’s Digital Finger Plugin for WordPress appends a unique phrase or key to the end of every post in your.

They should look like this: This is a cool feature added in a recent plugin update. You can enter your Google+ profile URL and the plugin will add the rel=author tag on all of your pages and posts.

WordPress.com is a limited version of WordPress run by Automattic. Here, you can create a blog or website in moments without worrying about hosting and managing your WordPress. However, to use many.

Normally I’d start off with some contextual information on why it’s important for all content creators to establish their own author branding in Google, but this post. WordPress plugin solutions.

When you hit the “Export My Medium Website” button from the tool above, you can then download another file that allows you to easily migrate your posts to WordPress. For example, you can just.

You must keep your engines running smoothly, keep your crew and the harbors notified and up to date. new posts. WordPress There are a lot of blog software packages out there today, but here we.

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WordPress. it can’t delete the transient and then it returns false. The transients API can be used to cache anything. Most plugins use this API to cache data. For the sake of an example, let’s see.

It’s important to mention an issue introduced by the Yoast SEO plugin version 7.0 around attachment pages. This WordPress. to remove these pages and defaulted to index all attachment pages. This.

php /* Plugin Name: Simple Uploader Plugin URI: http://sitepoint.com Description: Simple plugin to demonstrate AJAX upload with WordPress Version: 0.1.0 Author: Firdaus Zahari. notice"></p> <form.

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There are plugins for extremely high traffic sites, plugins for image heavy sites, and every need you might have in between. To help you narrow down which WordPress plugin. You can also remove all.

You must deactivate and/or delete the plugin version of OptionTree. array_merge( $query, array( ‘post_parent’ => 7 ) ); } } The Custom Post Type Select option type displays a list of IDs from any.

I have tested the procedure on a database from WordPress 3.4.2, but it should work with little or no changes even with other versions of the software. Plugins. author. In my case, my own posts were.

You’ll need to find your own themes and plugins. And also keep them, and WordPress itself, up-to-date (although you can even.

You’ve probably used the ‘Add Media’ function in WordPress to add images to your pages and posts. However, what if you’d like to display more than one photo in a grid of thumbnails? There are lots of.

Take a look at your plugin list and remove. author. By default, WordPress interacts with other blogs that are equipped with pingbacks and trackbacks. Every time another blog mentions you, it.

Add a media plugin so that users may upload images and videos. Feature new forum members and their posts. in context, remove it. Question #10: Can It Hurt My SEO If I’m Not Using The User’s Native.

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